Photo Gallery 2013


Photography By Michael J. Elderman 

DSC_1183“Don’t Get Comfortable,” choreographed by Brandon J performers included Clarissa Vizcarra, Cristina Reyes, Dahlia Marquez, Erika Andino, Marcella Smith, Marcy Iniguez, May De Luna, Roxana Sevilla, Veronica Vargas, Edgard Areas, and Cory Nyirenda. Site: Central Plaza


DSC_1292“Story Time” choreographed by Miki Amen and Denise Donovan, performers (pictured): Miki Amen, Denise Donovan, Keri Elliot and live music from Ray McNamara.           Site: Marcy Library



DSC_1415“dynamic SHIFTS and heightened AWARENESS,” choreographed by Sue Roginski in collaboration and performed by Imani Bias, Ericka Brown, Rebekah Johnson, Oscar Lobos (pictured), and Justin Morris (pictured.)                                     Site: California School for the Deaf





DSC_1476“The Race,” choreographed Mark Haines and Rita Chenoweth, performed by Aisha Shauntel, Cydney Watson, Michelle Armendarez, Hannah Boatman, Kijai Salimu. (all pictured.)                                             Site: Brockton Arcade



DSC_1550“Insanity of Sameness” choreographed by Holly Johnston in collaboration with and performed by Nelly Camacho, Megan Fowler-Hurst, Tracy Tom-Hoon, Jenni Kiilholma, Kendell Mays, and Carlos Medina.                                                  Site: Riverside Adult School