We would like to acknowledge and thank the following individuals for financial support to this project:

Casey Avaunt
Jay Bartley
Maryellen Berkowitz
Polly Vogel Berkowitz
Wendy Blum
Michelle Cabral
Jay L. Carlon
Jo Dierdorff
Sharon Edmonds
Julie Freeman
John M. Ganim
Pamela Hammond
Bill Hargreaves
Melissa A. Hawkins
Suzie Hemphill
Gail Hoak
Jean Isaacs
Kelli C. King
Eric Kupers
Julie Mayo
Anita Meinken
Preet Mutneja
John Pennington
John Phillips
Michael and Deborah Raho
Walt Roginski
Kim Sargent-Wishart
Crystal Sepúlveda
Colleen Stone
Fred Strickler
Rosie Trump
Danielle G. Wallis
Sadie Weinberg

As well as several anonymous donors

You all helped to make Trolley Dances amazing and productive. Many thanks for helping us bring arts to the community of Riverside.