Trolley 2015

Trolley Dances Concert: A Fundraiser 2015!

Thanks to community support through Trolley fundraising opportunities during 2015, TDR is officially geared and ready to go for its 2016 run. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the August Trolley Fundraiser, as well as the Joanna Haigood Site-Specific Choreography Workshop. It has been through countless work, donations, and dancing that Trolley Dances Riverside 2016 is ready to board!
Thank you!
Joanna Haigood Workshop October 2015.


Our fundraising concert, held on Saturday, August 1st, 2015, featured the work of local choreographers and musicians, including: Sadie Weinberg (San Diego guest), Edwin Siguenza, Eloku Dance Company, Rosa Rodriguez Frazier, Chloe Freeman, Stella Aryan and CJ Logel, Cydney Watson, Megan Fowler-Hurst, Shaequice Brown, Carla Araneda, Mark Haines, Julie Satow Freeman, Stephanie Y Jolivet, Betti Johnson, Kendall Mays, Valerie Mendez and Cory Nyirenda, Justin Morris, Val Carnahan, Sofia Carreras, Tracy Tom-Hoon, and Kirsten Johansen.

*Photography below by Michael J. Elderman

Pictured: Chloe Freeman and


Pictured: Alfonso Cervera, Irvin Gonzalez, Cydney Watson
Pictured: Kendell Mays


Pictured: Ariel Green-Hill, Joseph Lister, Aisha Bardge